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This is the funniest shit I've ever seen on newgrounds! HAahahahaha, I like where he's in the bed and the zombie is after him and he's just screaming over and over and it's walking all slow/falling apart-OH MAN, this is was fucking great. Hilarious, man...Just fucking hilarious.

Another Masterpeice by Mark

You've ended the series with style man, you really did a good job. I wish I could have made some music for you series...Damn, that would have been bad ass. Oh well, maybe next time, eh? You're the man Mark. I've been like a big fan of Necromancer ever since the prologue thingy. Now I'm here at it's end. Maybe this will make it to theaters some day. =D Good luck on future work Mark, nice job.

Heh...I can't stop laughing...

That was the best. Damn, you almost gave me a seizure during the fight scene with the flashing lights. No I'm just kidding. It was great. Keep up the good work. I've never even seen an episode of Robotech before too. Hahaha!

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Nothing too good but...

Who am I to say what's good and what isn't? I don't know but this was cool and where was my song in this? I didn't hear it at all...Yeah, I kinda was looking forward to my song being in this one but I guess not. :( Nice work and keep it up.

Magosis responds:

it wold appear i intended to add your song but have not done so i will do that some time today it will be in the shooting game.



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it's a tutorial, it's the coolest!!!!

I don't know, I just gave it a 10 for shits and giggles, heh...

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Woah, this is cool

Hey man, I'm no druggie but this is how class sounds to me when I'm under the influence of marijuana, it's all random and weird like that. Crazy that you captured my experience in class like that so perfectly, good job. :D Thanks for reviewing my shit, by the way.

JonH2O responds:


No problem, you're welcome, and thanks for the review. ;)


It was nice and clear, a lot of effort in this one...That's the fucking problem. I could hear some gay shit like, "Ooooo" --what the fuck? You're a faggot.

LimblessAvenger responds:

what the shit? you gave the song a 0 overall, but a 10 on Clarity and Effort? Yeah, I did the "oooh" thing because it added a nice touch you stupid shit. It's funny you call me gay because your profile calls your "shit" gay. And how the hell is effort a problem? Who's the faggot now?


Find the meaning of homosexual here.

Whack-a-mole responds:

My life is changing,
Forever I become,
Endless black I breathe in deep,
The beast and I are one.

And those who come to me,
Wishing to be set free,
I bind them in my chains,
And kill them with my pain.


I made a bunch of gay shit. Like my flash videos, don't watch them. Oh yeah, a lot of my older music is just shit. You've been warned. Heh.

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